A Corporate Wellness Program that benefits the entire family.

Corporate Wellness Program - Meal Planning

At Healthy Kids Inc., we have been working with families for many years and know that juggling healthy eating with hectic schedules is top of mind for your busy employees.

Unfortunately, most employees are in a rut of sacrificing health for convenience, which leads to a myriad of health problems. What this produces for you, the employer, is a workforce that is unhealthy, unhappy, lacks strong decision making, and stamina.

The health of our employees directly influences work behavior, attendance, job performance, and healthcare costs.

Employee Wellness

We know today that the foods we eat are directly linked to our team’s productivity

Corporate Wellness Programs have been a missing link that leads to a healthier workforce. There are however, two main pitfalls with employee wellness programs today:

  1. Not having enough program options. A gym membership is nice but may not resonate with all employees.
  2. Not engaging the entire family. Often times poor eating habits are fostered at home, leading to an unhealthy family, which can mean higher insurance costs for your company and even more absenteeism for your team.

Healthy Kids Inc. was built specifically for the working family and fills a missing gap needed to create a healthier workforce.

Here’s how HKI can assist your wellness program:

Healthy Kids Inc. is designed to eliminate the need for another decision throughout the day so that your employees can save their willpower for more important decisions, like helping your company be successful.

Let us take care of helping your team improve their healthy eating habits so they’re strong enough to help you propel your company.

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