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HKI - Owners

Healthy Kids Inc. was inspired by our own journey with children, food, and health. We too were juggling a lot - long work hours and small kids. Our dinners were as quick as possible, and mainly consisted of frozen chicken nuggets (we hardly ever used real food), microwave mac and cheese (anything with directions on the label), and occasionally a canned vegetable (never-ever a fresh vegetable).

Mandy and Boys in the kitchen

These easy-peasy foods seems great until our energy tanked. We were exhausted all of the time. We were seeing signs of weight gain and our kids were beginning to experience it too. They were having behavioral issues and not receiving any nutrients from their foods- just empty calories.

We knew it was time to make a change- but where would we start? We had no idea how to cook, our kids were picky eaters and never wanted to try anything new. This seemed like too much to bear.

Mandy and Boys planting vegetables Kirk and Preston working on planting project

But our hearts told us that our family deserved more.

We didn't want our kids to eat based on their stresses of the day (like we were). We didn't want our kids to suffer by consuming no nutrients, just because we were too tired to cook.

From that moment, we embarked on our Hero's Journey. We left our old ways and set out for transformation.

We created Healthy Kids Inc. to make it easier for families starting their journey behind us, to slay a few less dragons than we had to. We built a set of tools to make your journey, well, fail-proof. So that you can effortlessly accomplish all that you've ever wanted for your family.

Yes, it really is possible

Meet Our Team

Mandy Curry

Mandy Curry

I’m Mandy. The free-spirited, soulful, big dreamer, co-founder of the group. After 20 years in Corporate Management, I said goodbye to the suits and devoted my days to growing businesses with Kirk Curry. Our passion is Healthy Kids Inc. We built HKI to help families “incorporate” work, kids, and healthy eating (because we were struggling terribly with it too). A few years later we launched Start A Garden and most recently Project Healthy Kids. Project Healthy Kids is the non profit sector of our work that helps communities and schools with cooking, gardening and nutrition education. In 2016, we also launched Business Uplifted. I see firsthand the effects that our companies have on our stress, our moods, and our health. The bleed of our work life carries over into every facet of our personal life so through Business Uplifted we work to create better work environments for employees.

I love to speak, train, and solve problems that get in the way of us being the best possible version of ourselves that we can be. Life to me is about inspiring others. It’s about learning and growing as a person and constantly challenging the status quo - helping others to see life through a different lens. I don’t believe we are all destined for a shorter, unhealthy, life and through HKI we hope to help to make life a little easier and inspire a new generation of health.

Kirk Curry

Kirk Curry

I'm Kirk. The tech and video guru for Healthy Kids Inc. My career started out with 13 years in environmental consulting. I enjoy all things science and solving problems. About five years ago, I left corporate to work full time on Healthy Kids Inc with Mandy Curry where I became a self taught videographer, photographer, web developer, and problem solver.

Mandy and I launched our second business about 3 years ago called Start A Garden where we teamed up and created an online tool that made gardening easy for teachers and families (and I became a Master Gardener along the way).

By day (and late night) I oversee the Healthy Kids Inc. site, but as soon as the kids get home from school, I get to be a Dad, coach, and teacher of all-things-science to my two boys that I just can’t seem to get enough of.

Joe Crockett

Joe Crockett

Joe committed himself to the culinary arts at an early age. Enrolling in culinary education while still in high school, he began to acquire the formal training needed to develop the talent for cooking, and was selected to compete in culinary competition at the world renowned hotel, The Greenbrier. After completing high school, the decision to further his culinary education led him to Mountwest, and his passion for cooking only grew deeper. In 2009, Joe worked alongside celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver on his Emmy award winning television series, “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.” After the show wrapped, and at the young age of 21, Joe was given the position as chef at the kitchen Chef Oliver established in downtown Huntington, where he remained until 2011. Joe continues to work in the culinary field and also with Healthy Kids Inc., and Project Healthy Kids.

Sarah Sturgill

Sarah Sturgill

Sarah Sturgill is a Registered Dietitian who graduated from Marshall University with both her Bachelor’s and Master’s in Dietetics. She spent 3 years as a Families and Health Agent for the West Virginia University Extension Service. Sarah is also a certified specialist in child and adolescent weight management. She is a skilled instructor who has created and led the Community Weight Loss Program, a free weight management program in Putnam County, West Virginia. In her spare time, she is a competitive ultramarathon runner and a member of the WV Mountain Trail Runners and the WVU Obesity and Health Team.