Survey says-This is what moms want most


We recently launched a national survey with Mom’s across the country to give some insight into the biggest struggles facing parents each day.  The survey spanned multiple incomes, varying ages, and vast demographic locations (from California to Texas to Maine) looking for trends.  

The survey covered a host of questions, but two stood out.  

The first question asked parents what their biggest hurdle was with healthy eating.

Across the board, TIME was the biggest obstacle. And TIME doesn’t discriminate. Stay at Home Moms, Part time Mom’s, Full Time Mom’s….we’re all insanely busy.

We weren’t shocked about TIME being an issue. We’ve known that for a while and have built our business around tools to make life easy for the busy family.

The next question however, totally shocked us.

We asked Mom’s about their journey in healthy eating and what outcome would make them most proud.

I expected to see a healthier weight hit #1 on the charts.

It was on there, but it wasn’t the #1 response.

I expected to see overcoming picky eaters on the list.

It was on there, but it wasn’t the #1 response.

I expected to see saving money on the list.

It was on there, but it wasn’t the #1 response.

Across the board, mom’s of all ages, income, and location said that “CONSUMING MORE FRUITS AND VEGETABLES” is the outcome that would make them the most proud.

That’s it!


The more I thought about it, the more it made sense.

87% of American's aren't meeting the daily minimum recommendations for vegetables.  In fact, fresh vegetable consumption has actually decreased over the years.   

Parents are right to be alarmed. This is an issue.

It’s very easy for DAYS to pass without eating a fruit or vegetable. Cereal for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch, a protein bar for snack, pizza or pasta for dinner. If you count apple juice or pasta or pizza sauce, we may be able to squeeze in one serving, but often that’s it.

Consuming fruits and vegetables each day takes focus and effort. And considering one serving is a struggle at times, getting to the ideal goal of 5 servings feels like climbing Mt. Everest.

But I’m happy to tell you that it can be done. And that it really only takes one step.

One of the biggest challenges we Mom’s face is GUILT. Guilt that we’re not cooking enough. Guilt that we ate out again. Guilt that we should be doing more.

We might not be able to tackle that picky eater quite yet. We might not have our family’s weight to that ideal level yet. We might not be saving money on our grocery bill quite yet. But we will.

It just takes that one step.

One step and it all seems to fall in place.

That’s what we built at Healthy Kids Inc. We built your first step.

This is your “Getting Started” place. Giving the busiest of families tools to help them pull off healthy meals.

And don’t think for a second your schedule is too busy for our tool. Oh no!

One Mom calls HKI “Batman’s tool belt to meal planning.”

So if you’re ready to join Mom’s across the country as we embark on the journey to consume more fruits and vegetables and remove the guilt from not feeling like we’re enough, click here to check out all of the amazing features in our meal planning tool and be sure to watch the meal planning video where we walk through how it can work for you.

Now you can:

  • Create the week of meals that works best for your family’s crazy week ahead. If your daughter is picking out the meals, then maybe it’s Kristen’s Kick Butt Week in the Kitchen.” 
  • Watch your shopping list pre-populate as you drag meals over into your calendar. The task that used to take 2 hours can now be done in minutes. 
  • Tally up your Fruit and vegetable consumption on your shopping list. You’ll soon start to see your Fruits & Vegetable list climb to 10-15, instead of 2-3/week. 

  • Print your shopping list and you’re out the door. Oh, and the shopping list even includes a reminder next to those items best purchased organic, like apples. 

  • Even save your custom week of meals to quickly pull up again the next time that crazy week rears its ugly head again. 

  • …and as if meal planning isn't enough, we also have prep tips and a Professional Chef’s “how to” cooking video to support each meal on our site. Over 300 recipes, all with cooking video so that now, even your kids can begin learning to cook in the kitchen. We did that so that you could delegate, Mom ☺ 

It’s a great tool that is making healthy eating so insanely easy for parents. We just rolled out 3, 6, and 12-month plans so test it out for even a few months to see what you think.

Meal planning has never been, well, fun….until now.

Check it out here and use it to plan your meals for this week in just 5 minutes.

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